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Cosmetic Surgery in Columbus, OH – (614) 840-9500

Schedule a plastic surgery consultation today. Are you interested in liposuction or other plastic surgery procedures in Columbus, OH? Connect with the team at Aesthetic & Plastic Surgery by dialing (614) 840-9500. Dr. Haroon Aziz, MD will sit down with you and discuss your options. Whether you are curious about breast enhancement, Botox or other […]

Less Invasive Plastic Surgery in Sarasota, FL

Medical Wrinkle Treatments in Sarasota, FL You can find a skilled plastic surgeon for cosmetic surgery in Sarasota, FL. Just call Royce Plastic Surgery at (941) 487-0543 to make an appointment for a consultation. Whether you want breast augmentation or a simple in-office procedure like laser skin rejuvenation, our state of the art plastic surgery […]