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Let’s face it, by no means is everywhere pet friendly, and the chances are that some time soon you are going to have to find a pet sitter to look after your beloved pooch or moggy. Faced with that problem how do you choose a reliable pet sitter in your area? How do you know that you aren’t entrusting your companion animal to the pet equivalent of Hannibal Lecter? The good news is that there is an organization dedicated to helping you make the right choice. is dedicated to happy pets and even happier owners. You can use their free service to find suitable sitters in your area and download all sorts of helpful guides on how to choose a pet sitter, what you should expect to pay and what to watch out for.

One thing you can be sure of is if you are in the Long Beach area of California then Petropolis Sitting and Beyond is the right choice for your pet sitting needs. If you have to leave your pet behind or maybe can’t spare the time in your busy routine to give Rover the walk he really needs then the kind and caring folks from Petropolis will get it done for you. Happy pets 100% guaranteed.

Petropolis Sitting and Beyond
829 Pine Ave.
Long Beach, CA, 90813
(562) 843-4221
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